Top 10 WordPress Affiliate plugins for 2023

thirsty affiliate

Affiliate marketing is a terminology used for marketers to sell out other products online or offline and they get a commission on that sale. In the online market sometimes it is a little bit handy to operate affiliation manually so meanwhile WordPress Affiliate plugins are useful tools to help out in affiliation to the site owners. 

Affiliate marketing is best for those people who do have not sufficient funds to establish their business. They can earn solid commissions through affiliate marketing with the help of their website. They just need to put affiliate links on their website and when a user clicks on this link and gets a product and they get a commission because you help them to make a sale. 

In this digital world affiliate marketing is done through websites and social connections. In addition to that, the WordPress Affiliate plugins are really lifesavers to manage the affiliations workload.

There are two types of WordPress Affiliate plugins that work for affiliate marketing.

  1. One is for the marketers who advertise the other products to sell them and in return for that, you can earn a commission on each sale. 
  2. Second, for merchants who have an affiliate program to encourage people to take part in and bring traffic to your website for buying, in contrast to that your affiliates/agents can earn a commission.

Numerous WordPress Affiliate plugins are working in the online market to facilitate the website owner but we discuss the best affiliate plugins for you. 

Here are the Top 10 WordPress Affiliate plugins

Easy Affiliate Links Premium

(Free/Paid version $29)

easy affiliate links

The easy affiliate link is available in the WordPress Affiliate plugins directory which has the most simple and easy design for the user to operate. You just need to click on the anchor button to add any affiliate link in the content or image and link it. It helps to manage all the affiliate links on the web page. You can use it for the following reasons.


  • Work with both Gutenberg editor and classic editor without any worry.
  • Compatible with the elementor page builder and use it with its widget.
  • Convert long URLs into Short URLs automatically.
  • Unlimited categories are assigned to individual affiliate links.
  • Generate reports in form of pdf or CSV of affiliate links on the website.
  • Keep a track record of clicks and impressions of affiliate links.
  • Display analytics in form of shapes and charts.
  • Incomplete and broken links are notified with email notifications.
  • The Pro version is available.


  • Short URL looks beautiful and clickable irrespective of long URLs.
  • Tracking a record of clicks helps you to find which affiliate strategy is working better. 


  1. Sometimes overlapping of affiliate links.
  2. Divert towards a single slug irrespective of the affiliate page. 

Thirsty Affiliates

(Free/Paid version $79.50)

thirsty affiliate

The thirsty affiliate plugin is counted at the top of the list of WordPress Affiliate plugins. The 30 thousand installations with a 4.6 rating prove it a great choice for website owners. It adds more functionality and feature in the single post that is designed with the purpose of affiliation. It also welcomes and encourages new bloggers through monetization with this affiliate plugin. Multiple built-in features are included in this plugin.


  • Easy to setup and install
  • Create multiple categories according to requirement.
  • Amazing management of redirects for a better experience for users.
  • No overlapping of affiliate links.
  • Use Optimized images for affiliate links
  • Analytics and reports generation with simple clicks
  • Detect the geolocation of the user (click on the link)
  • Excellent support 24/7
  • The paid version is available.


  • You can use images for affiliate marketing to get more clicks.
  • Reports help to make better decision making.  


  1. Security is not so tight
  2. Sometimes it gives PHP errors. 


(Paid version 49)


Most countries like to work with Amazon and amazon has the largest partnership affiliate program to distribute the commissions. Due to this reason, most of the affiliate plugins listed on WordPress Affiliate plugins are amazon related plugins. In addition to that, the AAWP is the most favorite and popular affiliate plugin among professional bloggers and affiliates. Its interface is really attractive and easy to operate. You can even import images from amazon with simple clicks. Tech people like it for the following reasons.


  • Operate individually without any theme dependency
  • Price and images are updated without any intervention.
  • The design is optimized for mobile devices.
  • Custom layouts with predefined templates.
  • Product and comparison table and listing are available.
  • Geo and demographic targeting are shown.
  • Filter option is given
  • No need for any type of code.


  • Predefined templates and layouts are enough for grabbing user attention.
  • It automatically fetches changes in images or prices from Amazon. 


  • The free version is not available.
  • Not compatible with some static themes.


(Free/Paid version $39)

affiliate booster

Affiliatebooster is a rising star and continuously gaining popularity among WordPress Affiliate plugins. This plugin helps the website owner to convert users into lead generation. Their pre-made attractive templates compel users to click on the link to buy a product. Furthermore, with the help of an affiliate booster, you don’t need any type of complex coding. Multiple features are enlisted.


  • Notice block gives vital information about the product inside the post.
  • Star ratings and well-designed buttons are given for a call to action.
  • The simple and sleek design of the Pros and cons table.
  • Single product box to highlight the specific product in the post.
  • Coupon box to give an amazing discount to the user about a specific product.
  • Comparison tables with unlimited rows are available. 
  • No coding is required.
  • Optimized design for Mobile and tablet.


  • Top picks and single-product box is amazing to increase the call to action.
  • The pros and cons table reflect the true picture of the product at a glance.


  • No A/B test option is available.
  • It’s not lightweight.

Amalinks pro

(Paid version $67)


Amalinks pro comes in the renowned category of WordPress Affiliate plugins. It is counted as the most favorite Amazon affiliate plugin. This plugin also gives the facility of pasting affiliation links in form of text and images. You can convert your user into lead generation and increase your sale through comparison tables and product showcases. Numerous well-known brands endorse this plugin for affiliate marketing. It has a number of features that differentiate it from others. 


  • Customizable badges to ensure the availability of stocks.
  • Full automation, price, and images are picked automatically from Amazon with the help of API.
  • Title picking but also give facility for editing. 
  • Beautiful and attractive call to action button for clicking.
  • Real-time notification about any change in price.
  • Sorting, filtering, and search option are available
  • Drag and drop facility in the comparison table.
  • Comes with a clean and nice dashboard.


  • Badges on a picture reflect the availability and non-availability of stock on amazon.
  • Automated title picking also gives the facility to change it according to your requirement. 


  • The product box is not available.
  • A/B test is not available.


(Paid version $31)

azone press

Aonepress is at the top list of amazon affiliate plugins. It helps to showcase products in a way that users cant neglect. The comparison tables, interface, and call-to-action buttons compel users to press buy items from the website. These tables help users to make comparisons easy of the products. WordPress Affiliate plugins also endorse Azonpress to be lightweight and secure plugins for the affiliate website. Multiple features make it progressive across the affiliate platforms. 


  • Automatically grab the data from the Amazon website.
  • Drag and drop customization.
  • No need for code
  • Responsive tables, layouts, and design
  • Optimized for an affiliate website.
  • Unlimited affiliated links are manageable through it
  • Geo demographic tagging


  • Also customizable with the help of a shortcode if needed.
  • Widget options are available to increase the clicking-through rate.


  • Not compatible with other e-commerce platforms.
  • No live chat to solve the problem.

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(Paid version $149.50)

affiliate wp

The Affiliatewp plugin is designed for merchants who have to take care of and manage the commissions of agents on the sale of their products. Many renowned brands use this plugin to manage their affiliate sales like wpbeginner, optinmonster, and monsterinsights. It integrates easily with woo-commerce and adds more functionalities to the website. You can get detailed reports of affiliate sales and the amount of commission with a single click. This is possible due to its simple and attractive dashboard. Numerous features make it a prominent plugin among other WordPress Affiliate plugins.


  • Easily set up and install without any coding.
  • Powerful management dashboard with attractive design.
  • Next-level affiliate tracking of links and commissions.
  • Detailed and up-to-standard downloadable reports.
  • Unique and Unlimited marketing material is available
  • Add more side addons for more functionality
  • Fully automated and customizable.
  • Compatible with multiple payment methods.


  • Helps a lot to save your precious time.
  • You can get all affiliate solutions in one plugin.


  • Not able to integrate with other platforms except woo commerce.
  • Long Wait for support

WP Affiliate Manager

(Paid version $39)

affiliate manager

WP affiliate manager has more than 10 thousand active installations with 4.2 ratings available on the WordPress Affiliate plugins repository. Which is quite satisfactory for beginners. This wp affiliate plugin claims that the combination of your site and wp affiliate manager is equal to the sale drawn. This plugin is helpful for both members as well as physical product site affiliations. Furthermore, you can pay your agents without leaving your website dashboard. This plugin is available in more than 9 languages. This plugin is enriched with the following features.


  • Easy regular installations without any guide
  • Proper affiliation portal for management
  • The fully automated system of links and commissions
  • Live to track sales and clicks on links
  • Deals in Two types of commission fixed/flat or percentage
  • Unlimited slots for hiring affiliate agents
  • Customizable forms for collecting data from affiliates


  • Simple and easy to operate.
  • You can also pay a fixed rate to your affiliates for your sales.


  • The dashboard is not so attractive.
  • Limited options are available for managing affiliation.


(Free/Paid version $99.50)

easy affiliate links

Affiliate marketing is the best way to earn passive income whether it’s related to other brands’ products or itself. WordPress Affiliate plugins series include Easyaffiliate plugins to increase merchant sales. You can grow your website traffic by referral links and earn huge profits. In this regard, this plugin helps you a lot to make affiliate links and track the record of affiliate agents to payout their commissions. This plugin comes with great features that are described below.


  • Super easy to install
  • Proper dashboard to understand things
  • Fraud detection tool on the side of affiliate agent
  • Ecommerce and membership integration
  • Email marketing to affiliate agents to keep them up-to-date.
  • Next-level security to avoid any bug
  • Opportunity to create custom and short affiliate links


  • A powerful dashboard takes care of all tasks without any effort.
  • Email marketing is the best way to motivate your affiliates for earning more commission, ultimately increasing sales.


  • Unable to generate a custom link with the name
  • A/B test is not available.

YITH WooCommerce Affiliates

(Free/Paid version $139.99)


WordPress Affiliate plugins drive traffic to the website in form of new customers or users for making more sales. You don’t need to advertise your products on social media platforms. Your affiliate agents bring a big chunk of traffic to your website. These plugins assist you in relationship-making with bloggers, and influencers and motivate them to bring traffic through their podcasts, articles, and videos. In return for that, they get a handsome amount of commission. All these tasks and processes are managed with the help of the YITH woo-commerce affiliate plugin. His features are very helpful to manage this program.


  • Live to track sales
  • Customizable form for data collecting
  • Manage all affiliate processes from a single table
  • Monitor individual user


  • Opportunity to create default commission for everyone.
  • Numerous Payout options to transfer the commission.


  • It’s expensive
  • The default setting is unavailable in the free version.

The bottom line of this discussion is that all WordPress Affiliate plugins are top-rated and popular. Their features and prices are competing with each other. On the basis of competitive analysis, the best and preferable WordPress Affiliate plugin for marketers is AAWP. in contrast that the best and most suitable WordPress Affiliate plugin for merchants is affiliatewp.

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